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Wednesday Habs Links: Good thing the Habs drafted Alex Galchenyuk

Here are your daily links, including Brendan Gallagher dead-lifting 400lbs, a look back at the "Galchenyuk or Yakupov" choice, and George Parros' plans for the future.

June 22, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Number three overall draft pick Alex Galchenyuk (left) and overall number one pick Nail Yakupov (right)
June 22, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Number three overall draft pick Alex Galchenyuk (left) and overall number one pick Nail Yakupov (right)
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Montreal Canadiens

  • Missed the game versus the Calgary Flames last night? Catch up with the EOTP game stream. [EOTP]
  • Brendan Gallagher is scrappy as hell on the ice. He's also completely serious about his conditioning (his dad is a trainer), and can dead-lift 400 lbs. [The Edmonton Journal]
  • Josh Gorges is still glad he didn't go to Toronto. Me too, Josh, me too. [The Star]
  • Podcast - Michael Farber revisits the Yakupov vs. Galchenyuk pick decision in the 2012 Draft. Thank you, Edmonton Oilers, for ensuring that the Habs got lucky that year. [TSN]
  • George Parros isn't done with hockey yet. He had a rough past season, suffering a concussion in October and playing just 22 games. He hopes to return to the NHL, and he's not worried about his reputation. "I pride myself on my character and my charitable works as well, so hopefully that all shines through. I’ll be remembered however anybody wants to remember me." [Montreal Gazette]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • Gordie Howe suffered a stroke last Sunday. He lost some mobility on one side of his body, and is currently recovering at his daughter's home. [Detroit News]
  • How the Minnesota Wild's terrible powerplay drove one poor blogger to become someone he hates. [SB Nation]
  • Five question interview with Daniel Sedin, who talks about Vancouver's new coach, their play last season, and what's coming up for the Canucks. [NHL]
  • Breakdown of why the Detroit Red Wings is struggling offensively (although the Red Wings' idea of "struggling" would be...quite an improvement for some other NHL teams I could name) [Winging it in Motown]
  • Connor McDavid shattered a puck when his shot rang off a crossbar. What a scrub, can't even put the puck in the net. [The Hockey Writers]
  • ...and how are Buffalo Sabres going to draft McDavid? Read this statistics breakdown of Buffalo's tank so far. [TSN]
  • Proof that advanced stats are taken increasingly seriously. The WHL Saskatoon Blades have brought in native Saskatoon-er and EOTP writer Bruce Peter as their director of analytics. He has been working part time with them for awhile now. Round of congratulations from everyone, please. [The Star Phoenix]