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Dive Files: Embellishment of the week. Chris Kunitz or Max Pacioretty?

Who should get top honours this week? Let's take a look at the contenders.

Justin K. Aller

Even though the season is still quite young, we've been treated to at least two clear cases of embellishment.

Their styles vary, so it's up to you to vote for the best of the worst.

pacioretty dive

Max Pacioretty vs the Detroit Red Wings.

There was some minor contact on the play, but definitely not enough to spring Pacioretty into a superman style dive. He doesn't get great elevation in his legs, which means he loses points for form, but the fact that he managed to get his entire body horizontal is a feat that not many can achieve.  It was called as embellishment, and not a single person in the hockey community bothered to complain about the call, since it was one of the rare times where the referees got it right. But was it the best of the worst?

kunitz dive 2

kunitz dive 2

Chris Kunitz vs the Flyers.

Not to be outdone by Pacioretty, Chris Kunitz put on a display that would even impress the most experienced French figure skating judge.

Unlike Pacioretty, Kunitz did manage to elevate his legs, and maintain his form as he catapulted himself into the air, in what was properly described as Kunitz being "thrown off an invisible bull"

So there you have it, two of the most obvious cases of acting this week. Which takes the cake? That's up to you.

If I missed any glaring dives, don't forget to share them in the comments.