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Canadiens vs Red Wings Top Six Minutes: The comeback kids win it in OT!

Alex Galchenyuk and David Desharnais save the day! The Habs tie the game with minutes left before Davey's overtime magic gives Montreal a 6-1 record.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jiri Sekac sits for Dale Weise and Pavel Datsyuk makes his season debut for the Red Wings.
  • Why do I have a bad feeling about this one?

1st Period

  • Sara Diamond just won the Canadiens' anthem competition, right?. They didn't even need one.
  • Habs vs Wings isn't much a rivalry these days, but give them one playoff series and that'll change quick.
  • Habs forwards best keep their head up when Niklas Kronwall is on the ice.
  • DD takes a 'holding the stick' penalty behind the Wings' net, 200 feet from his own.
  • Pacioretty on a shorthanded 2-on-1 with Plek, and he tries to pass! He's not going to score 40 playing like that.
  • With Darren Helm screening him, Carey Price takes the time to carefully tilt Helm's helmet from the back so that it dips in front over his eyes. What a guy. Somewhere Sean Avery is smiling. [GIF]
  • Weise isn't trying anything fancy tonight. Hard-nosed hockey. Message received.
  • 4th line of Moen, Malhotra, and Prust just spent the most time of any other in the offensive zone.

2nd Period

  • Mike Babcock is going to leave the Red Wings to coach the Leafs? It's so crazy it might just happen.
  • Pacioretty thinks he's pitching for the Kansas City Royals.
  • Trent McCleary's at the game, which only revived too many memories of Habs players almost dying on the ice.
  • Fearless prediction: Gallagher will lead the league in goalie interference penalties by the end of the season.
  • Clearly the Red Wings are waiting for Montreal to score first to deflate their chances of winning.
  • RDS pans a sleepy Bell Centre crowd while announcing that the baseball game has had more action than this one.
  • Markov just gave Datsyuk a little how-do-you-do crosscheck.
  • Abdelkader pots a loose puck off an awkward Zetterberg rebound that hit the post.
  • Upon further review, that awkward rebound bounced off of Subban and crossed the line before finding Abdelkader's stick. Sigh.
  • Habs might never score first this season.
  • Oh boy! Chucky is ANGRY. Scrum ensues.
  • Quincey started it. Habs to the PP.
  • Parenteau hits a post (he's been hanging out with Bourque too much).
  • Another scrum. Maybe there's enough fodder here for a rivalry.

3rd Period

  • Quincey and Galchenyuk still mixing it up in the third period. Score too close to drop 'em, though.
  • Weise is tonight's first? Kronwall victim.
  • The Habs have been called for at least 17 offsides tonight. Habs might be winning without them.
  • Rene Bourque finished a check!
  • Emelin also gives Datsyuk a how-do-you-do crosscheck, which is obviously Russian for "How's that separated shoulder doing?"
  • If this keeps up, there will be no highlights tonight.
  • Someone needs to remind the Habs that they were eliminated by the Rangers in a 1-0 game not all that long ago.
  • Datsyuk's shoulder looks just fine as he releases a spinorama backhand goal on Price.
  • Good thing Abdelkader interfered, or this game would be as good as over. No goal. [GIF]
  • Pacioretty flies through the air like superman. That's two for embellishment.
  • Galchenyuk walks all over Kyle Quincey, literally, and nets a wrap around goal to end our misery. Hallelujah!
  • Shutout.
  • This game just got real interesting with two minutes left. Both teams pressing for a regulation win. Those loser points add up quick.
  • Sometimes Malholtra wins faceoffs so well the puck ends up back in the Habs zone.
  • Gallagher has some words for Quincey as the buzzer sounds.
  • Habs secure at least a point!


  • Yup!
  • Just when you're ready to ship him down to Hamilton or trade him for a bag of pucks to give Galchenyuk the #1 center role, David Desharnais wins a game in extra innings.
  • Another comeback win for your 6-1 Habs, folks.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Maybe the Habs are showcasing Travis Moen?


1. Nostradamus here:


Not so fast, Datsyuk!

Galchenyuk walks all over his new arch nemesis Quincey before scoring:

Overtime magic from Desharnais: