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Brad Marchand spears P.K. Subban in the groin

Bruins up to their usual antics.

Richard Wolowicz

The Bruins professed before the game that they were done with the sideshow stuff and would focus on getting two points. Turns out the Bruins tell the truth as well as they play clean hockey. The Bruins couldn't even get through two periods without yet another instance of spearing to the groin, their new(ish) favourite dirtbag tactic.

Subban speared

And another angle:

marchand nut shot

Somehow both players were called for penalties, with Subban getting an embellishment call for getting a shot to the nuts. Keep in mind that Brad Marchand dove about three times through the first two periods with no call, then the refs choose to call this?

Not a banner night for the rookie ref and Tim Peel, as the Bruins are getting the benefit of nearly every call, and all the bounces to boot.

Just ugly all around.

Gifs from @PeteBlackburn and @myregularface.