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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: A perfect homecoming

This game had it all. Goals, big hits, player firsts, a spear to the groin from Brad Marchand, and a Habs win. It was great.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • Only the Habs could make me eagerly await a Coldplay song. But every time I hear that song start, the goosebumps aren't far behind.
  • Good news! Dale Weise is still alive, he was just shown on TV. Next time, Dale, next time.
  • I'm fairly certain that without the Habs, the North American torch industry would completely collapse.
  • It was just pointed out to me that Tom Gilbert kind of looks like Travis Moen, but with a wig on. You can't unsee that.
  • Sara Diamond is back!!!  So is Ginette Reno. Everything is coming up Milhouse!
  • PK Subban moves around more during the national anthems than I do all week....I need to get out more.
  • I know the regular season already started, but until we play the Bruins it doesn't feel right. I'm glad we didn't have to wait months, this year.
  • Carey Price being handed the torch by Ken Dryden was perfect. Pretty much the opposite of last year's ceremony.

1st Period

  • I'll never get sick of Alexei Emelin absolutely flattening Milan Lucic.
  • Mike Weaver might have just closed his glove in the crease, but I won't tell if you don't.
  • Alright, so Chara just scored on the powerplay, and a lot of the reaction from social media is that the Habs shouldn't have left him alone, but what were the other options? Sending Emelin to struggle with the big man, and put 500+ lbs in front of Price? Sometimes it's best to let the player be, and hope for the best.
  • David Desharnais may be small, but he's also a ninja on the ice, so it evens out.
  • The Habs should probably pull a George Costanza, and never accept another powerplay. Going out on top is the way to go.
  • Marchand just went offside by a nose.
  • Dale Weise didn't dress, but did neither did Lucic apparently...oh wait, he got hit by Emelin, I remember now. Close one!

2nd Period

  • Rene Bourque needs to practice receiving passes. Preferably with an egg. They still do that in Peewee hockey, right?
  • Jiri Sekac seems to be getting used the Habs-Bruins rivalry quite nicely, he's hitting like a madman out there.
  • Tim Peel, amirite?
  • On second viewing, turns out Lars Eller punched the puck into the net. But I'm still blaming Tim Peel, that jerk.
  • Brendan Gallagher baby, he won't stop, can't stop. He's like Puff Daddy in the mid 2000s.
  • God damn it Bruins, you ruin everything.
  • The linesmen just blew an icing call. Oh well, I'm sure it'll have an inconsequential outcome.
  • Tabarnacle
  • Subban just received an embellishment call for being speared in the nuts. Awesome. Tim Peel, you be you.
  • Maybe we should spear Tim Peel in the groin and see if he falls. You know, for science.
  • There's a fan with a laser pointer in the stands. That's really cool by 1998 standards. The fan is probably heading home to have a Nerf war and watch Melrose Place.
  • Jiri Sekac just scored his first NHL goal, with his parents in attendance, against the Bruins. Hell yes. Welcome to Montreal.
  • Karma is...probably not a real thing, but I'm pretty happy the Habs are leading right now. Another first, this time PA Parenteau.
  • "Brad Marchand, 2 minutes for oops we totally gave the guy you nailed in the nards a penalty earlier"

3rd Period

  • Max Pacioretty just missed a gimme. That means he's going to score later in the period.
  • The powerplay doesn't look terrible, at all. Sunny skies ahead???
  • I have no idea how Desharnais managed to miss the net by about 14 feet, when only 3 feet away, but he gets a pass due to his awesome ninja skills earlier in the game.
  • Rask just got scored on by a banana. I'm really hoping we see Angry Tuukka. That's the best Tuukka Rask.
  • I almost feel bad for Rask. He just can't beat the Habs. But then I come to my senses and laugh maniacally.
  • Every time a player scores a goal against us via a skate, it reminds me of the Senators playoff series, and I break things.
  • Remember how they did that race with Nathan MacKinnon vs Charles Hamelin? They should do the same thing with Travis Moen...and a combine harvester.
  • Lucic loses his mind, the Habs score an empty netter. That's all folks. Life is great.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Player interviews are always groundbreaking:


2.  It's funny because it's true


1. When you're right about the first goal, you're right. 



Desharnais slides it to Pacioretty:

Gallgher scores from where he always scores from:

Sekac with his first NHL goal:

Parenteau give the Habs the lead with his first in a Canadiens jersey:

Gallagher scores his second: