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Wednesday Habs Links: Bouillon headed to Switzerland

Here are your daily links, including Francis Bouillon's new deal with Ambri-Piotta, Canadiens becoming the East's best, the bright side to the Tampa loss, and more.

Dec 28, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Montreal Canadiens defenseman Francis Bouillon (55) against the Tampa Bay Lightning
Dec 28, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Montreal Canadiens defenseman Francis Bouillon (55) against the Tampa Bay Lightning
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens

  • Francis Bouillon signs with HC Ambri-Piotta, part of the Swiss National League A. He leaves for Switzerland tonight. Since his debut in 1999, Bouillon had played the majority of his career with the Habs. We sincerely wish him the best of luck with his new team. [Sportsnet]
  • NHL Network Analyst, Berry Melrose, thinks that Canadiens are close to being the East's best. But of course, it all "comes down to who can beat the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs". I guess we'll see. [NHL]
  • Some bright side to the 7-1 blowout to the Lightning - it points out areas that desperately need improving, like the lacklustre PP. As P.K. Subban puts it, " we’re still figuring out our identity as a team. We know how we want to play. It takes time for this to come together. We’ll just park it and get ready for the next game." [Canadiens]
  • Brian Gionta reflects about his Habs captaincy and talks about his new team going forward.

Around the League and elsewhere

  • We've all made jokes at the expense of the Florida Panthers, but read this thoughtful article comparing Florida to pre-2007 Chicago, late 1970s Detroit, or pre-2006 Pittsburgh and Washington. Also raises a point about the relocation's effect on the local economy. Let's stop jeering at Panthers- what team in the NHL haven't lived through lean times? (Well, us, obviously. But still.) [SB Nation]
  • Since last year, 6 out of the 30 teams have underwent some sort of captaincy change. Here's the history of the "C" being the NHL's scarlet letter. [Grantland]
  • Boston Bruins sign Simon Gagne to a one year, $600K contract. [NHL]
  • Chicago Blackhawks had been one of the first and most public teams about using advanced stats to measure their players. But trading 23 year old Nick Leddy is still a baffling decision, especially with 33 year old Johnny Oduya playing with only one year left on his contract. [Second City Hockey]
  • Profile of Taylor Crosby, Sidney's sister. She's currently attending Northwestern University, playing goalie for the school team. No concrete career plans, and although Taylor Crosby seems optimistic about her future, it highlights the lack of professional option for adult female players. [SB Nation]