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Canadiens vs Lightning player of the game voting

You're familiar with the Habs' weekly ups and downs posts we did last year, but we've found an even better way to do it this year: with your votes!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed to us like you folks enjoyed the player rankings we did last game, so we're doing them again. There were however, some complaints.

One of the complaints was why there were players who didn't play included in the list. The reason is because lineups can change and this was prepared before the game. Another was not wanting to vote a player down just because you think they should be rated lower, even if they played well. Here's my answer to that: STOP.

This is fun. It means nothing. Take the stick out of your behind and vote. Stop asking questions, stop complaining. Not everything has to be taken seriously, enjoy the game and have fun.

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