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Canadiens vs Flyers Top Six Minutes: Told you they'd win

Besting our previous horrible first periods by having a horrible first TWO periods, the Habs win. Again. We're perfect.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note

Before we get into it, let's just check out this tweet from Veronica when the game was 3-0 Flyers.


Not much to say here except for how weird it feels to be watching Saturday afternoon hockey with this new setup, with Strombo at the helm. But I'm not complaining about what I see. I love Strombo.

First period:

Jarred Tinordi just made such a nice play that my boyfriend remarked through a mouth of spaghetti: "Who's that guy?"

Price just made a stop on somebody who I think's name is "Raffle"

The Habs gave the Flyers their first lead of the season. Isn't that special.

Oh, my god. Times two.

What is this, a damned powerplay? Holy possession, Habs!

The camera showed Coutourier and I thought, "The only name the looks longer than that is Lecavalier," then they mentioned Lecavalier at that exact second and that kind of blew my mind.

OK I think the guy's name is actually how I mentally pronounce "ROFL"

Funny story I used to mentally pronounce "awry" as awe-ree and "hyperbole" as hyper-bowl. So now you know.

Almost Bourque!

Habs PP. Let's do this. Right after these messages.

This deal to get Gamecentre free ALMOST makes me want to switch to Rogers.

Flyers just got a good chance on Price. Short-handed. And then Parenteau nearly scored on Price too. We are never going to have a good first period for as long as we all shall live.

Flyers' coach doesn't know how to count, thank god.

"Second great short-handed opportunity for the Flyers." What I said up there.

Four on three. DO THIS.

This whole period has been one great big disaster. Time for another of Therrien's first intermission "little speech"es.

Don Cherry has seriously spent 2.5 minutes talking about the Leafs and how much he loves them and what they need to do, and the need for more Canadian players in lieu of Swinns and Feeds, on a nationally-broadcast Canadiens' game and nearly breaks into tears. It's nice that not everything has changed. Usually I make use of this time to make the dog poop, but mama's working this game.

Second period:

Flyers on the powerplay 10 seconds in. Simmonds with his second of the night. Apparently the fresh new you-know-whats the Habs got at first intermission grew over really quickly.

I don't hate the GPS line. Is that what we're calling them? Because I've decided we should.

Brandon Prust just gets the weakest call of the season. I think he has to kick some ass soon or we're done. There, I said it.

Killed it, whatever. It's still 3-0.

Oh wow, I just for real shouted at Lars Eller for the first time this season.

I'm going out on a limb. I'm saying right now we're winning this game.

Recovering from a heart attack after seeing Subban down for more than a second.

Second intermission: poop time.

Third period:

Galchenyuk is hungry. Something's gonna happen soon.

Why do they effing shove Gallagher at the Flyers' net? He's standing there doing nothing after the whistle.

Other thing I'm telling you right now, is these commentators love Malhotra.

I just screamed "HOW DO YOU NOT F*CKING SCORE?!!!!" And the General answered. Woooo!!! Two more! They're coming!

Plekanec. OK I told you. One more!!

One more!

Galchenyuk! AND THAT'S A TIE, BOYS AND GIRLS! (I called you MFERS on Twitter, sorry, it's the enthusiasm)

I beg your pardon, are the shots 55-30, Habs? WTF?

OH, my god. I really hate Ray Emery.

Almost goddamned Bourque

I feel like this is playoff hockey. Game 3 of 82! I LOVE HOCKEY!

And to overtime, we go!


"And a chance to pull one out of the hat here tonight" - direct quote from Sportsnet

Galchenyuk oh holy CRAP I was on my feet

Penalty to Markov, no Eller.  I didn't even see that, WHAT?

The shootout. A shootout.

Lecavalier misses, Galchenyuk misses.

Giroux misses, Desharnais misses.

I just loudly F-bombed, FYI.

Coutourier misses, Gallagher misses.

All the ptooties, you guys.

Read misses. PARENTEAU SCORES!!!!!!!!!


We seriously have the funnest team!

Happy thanksgiving! I am thankful for the best team on the whole planet.