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Canadiens vs Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: Price, Bourque in playoff form as Habs down Hawks 3-1

How much Habs could a Habs fan Habs if a Habs fan could Habs Habs?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period

  • Lars Eller vs Brad Richards in the faceoff circle. That's oddly familiar. At least we won't have to see that again in the playoffs until the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals...
  • Tinordi picks up the first penalty of the game. Surprise, surprise.
  • It's a good thing the Hawks are only allowed to score one goal per powerplay.
  • Emelin blocks a Duncan Keith shot, teasing the likes of Tinordi, Pateryn, Drewiske and Bouillon as he heads off in pain.
  • But he doesn't even miss a shift.
  • Tinordi auditioning for the team's backup goalie position. #HalGill
  • Eller's puck protection deep in the corners may be the Habs best.
  • Emelin-Pateryn have looked alright. Emelin plasters Andrew Shaw as he enters the zone. Can't catch Jonathan Toews with the same move, though.
  • Keith rips a slapshot from the hashmarks. Price answers with a glove save.
  • Still early, but can't imagine Jacob de la Rose, Sven Andrighetto, or Christian Thomas changing their fate tonight. Expect all three to start the year in Hamilton.
  • Remember how happy GM Marc Bergevin was when the Habs won game 1 in overtime vs the Lightning? Now imagine the exact opposite. All business in Chicago ce soir.
  • Rene Bourque looks bored. Bad sign.
  • Beaulieu dissects forechecks with Lindstromian finesse.

2nd Period

  • Have you seen Phil Kessel in camo?
  • Bergevin speaking to RDS during the intermission: Impressed with Sekac and Thomas. Mentions there are still two games left against Ottawa for youngsters to "force his hand." Hasn't made a decision regarding his goaltenders yet. Could start the year with two, or three.
  • In other words...
  • It's going to be hard to keep Bournival out of the lineup. The kid's wheels help him force turnovers every other forecheck.
  • Johnny Oduya has the best beard to jersey ratio in the NHL.
  • Emelin must be pissed he cant' grow one. Oduya just got rocked.
  • Weise accidentally "Kreiders" Raanta.
  • Oh hey, Dumont is playing. Didn't notice. Two minute minor for appearing unannounced.
  • Bournival is such a great penalty killer because he can get from end to end faster than Jay Garrick.
  • Canadiens have six shots through first 33 minutes. Bourque makes it seven.
  • Habs had a powerplay, but I have nothing interesting to say about it.

3rd Period

  • Technical difficulties ate my third period comments, so here's a recap:
  • Montreal comes out flying to start the third, lead by Andrighetto's line.
  • Bourque hits a post but retrieves the lost puck and buries it.
  • Beaulieu has had a quiet night, but his stretch pass to Bourque started the play.
  • So much for quiet. The kid converts a sexy Drayson Bowman pass.
  • 2-0 Habs and suddenly we have a game!
  • Montreal will be lucky to get 20 shots on goal tonight.
  • Andrew Shaw ruins Price's bid for a shutout.
  • Chicago pressing with 5 minutes left in the game.
  • BOURNIVALLLL! Empty-net goal just about seals the win.
  • Carey Price backstops the Hamilton Bulldogs to a 3-1 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. Book it.

EOTP 3 Stars

  1. Price is ready... for June!
  2. With 4 of the Habs 18 shots tonight, Bourque came to play:
  3. You gotta be yoking.


Keith actually promised to never ever score on Price again after they won Gold in Sochi:

Emelin wrecks Oduya in open for being able to grow a better beard:


Beau-flow punches his opening night ticket:

Toews gets Emelin'd:

Alright, who said 'shutout':

Empty net goals have feelings too: