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Canadiens vs Flyers Game Recap: Philly Folly

The Habs travelled to Philadelphia after a somewhat unconvincing win against the Panthers. The result was not any better, in fact it was significantly worse.

Bruce Bennett

I feel it is only right to inform our readers that I had a few drinks before writing this. I do assume that most of my fellow Habs fans did the same, but I still feel the need to inform the readership of my Habs-induced alcoholism. Well anyways, the first period didn't go so well. It felt like watching a bad horror movie happen and being utterly powerless to prevent it. If you missed it, imagine watching your parents having sex, multiply that by 100, and that was what it felt like watching the first frame. Disgusting.

Sean Couturier wristed one past Peter Budaj to make it 1-0. Then Zac Rinaldo, (yes, really) backhanded one past the aforementioned Boods to make the score two to zero. As I am now starting to use the word "Murray" as meaning "Suck," I am inclined to call this period a big pile of Murray. The level of Murray in this period is rivaled only by Murray himself, and one could state that Murray himself was a big contributor to said level of Murray. This being said, remember, Murray means suck.

The second frame is where things started to get better. The Habs gave us hope by gaining some zone time, and generating what seemed like real offensive zone pressure. T'was all bullshit though, as the Flyers would increase their lead to three with a goal by Michael Raffl just under nine minutes into the period. T'was at this point that most of us EOTP game threadders considered the contest to be over.

But Tomas Plekanec, ever the gentleman, wanted to prove us wrong. With less than three minutes to go in the second, he took a Brian Gionta feed and put it home to draw the Habs within one. The goal came shorthanded and proved that Pleks is not only a boss, but a CEO when his team is down a man. He gave us hope, a cruel thing to do on his part, yet I'm sure he had the purest of intentions in so doing.

It was all for nothing. The third frame was like trying to make a VHS fit into your blu-ray player. Essentially nothing happened, and there was literally nothing to make us Habs fans believe that there was a chance of a comeback. It was a boring period. It was a terribly frustrating period. It was basically 20 minutes of waiting for the inevitable, which of course is defeat. I'd rather re-watch 9/11 than see this game again. That's an exaggeration, but it's really not far off. In this period there was no scoring, leading to a final score of 3-1 in favour of Daniel Briere's former team.

For most of the third period, P.K. Subban was benched. That's not a joke. Michel Therrien literally decided that P.K. should ride the bench. That happened. The same guy who continually skates Douglas Murray, while leaving better options in the press box, sat the best defender in the world. Do I need to say any more? Fire that man. Fire him a month ago. Fire him in an extreme public humiliation fashion. Just fire him at all and I'll be happy.

I've been filling in on a lot of game recaps as of late. I've also been having to complain about Douglas Murray in every single one of those fill-ins. He is horrible. We have at least three people playing in Hamilton who could be considered more than suitable replacements for him, and the argument could surely be made that there are even more. The level on which he sucks makes the Buffalo Sabres look like Stanley Cup contenders. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. He needs to go.

The same could be said for Francis Bouillon. In his original stint with the club, I was merely a boy, and his return gave me some nostalgic happiness. That is gone in the same way I want him to be. The 13 year old Matt is starting to scream at the 23 year old Matt, telling him to wake up and smell the coffee. This article is written by the 23 year old Matt, who is seeing the big picture, and wants Bouiillon to go to waivers ASAP.

I refuse to believe that this team doesn't have the talent to succeed. They do, and the problem is not personnel, it's coaching. Michel Therrien has no idea what he's doing if you ask me, he's just going through the motions. He is almost on the same level as Douglas Murray, in that they are both unmitigated disasters. Therrien needs to be fired a month ago, and there's nothing we can do about it. I can only pray that Marc Bergevin reads EOTP, and heeds my word that Therrien has zero idea of what he's doing and needs to go immediately. I don't feel that I'm alone in this belief, in fact my involvement in the comment section has me believing that we're all on board with the assessment.