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Wednesday Habs Links: Olympic names and snubs

Team Canada names its players and Price and Subban are on the list; some teams played last night too

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Montreal Canadiens News

Team Canada finally, finally announced its picks for the roster for Sochi next month. Guess who's on it? And who isn't? And now, while the media revel in having created three square meals daily for the past six months from the abomination that would have been P.K. Subban's snubbing, what will they do? Oh, I know - keep feasting on the bountiful banquet that is all things Subban.

I know that Subban's confirmation is the real news, but let's remember that our amazing and adorable Carey Price made it also. And let's remember where he came from, too.

P.S. Andrei Markov and Alexei Emelin were named to Team Russia, too, bringing the number of Montreal Canadiens playing at Sochi to a whopping eight, with Max Pacioretty, Raphael Diaz, Peter Budaj and Tomas Plekanec all going to the dance for their respective countries.

Buried in yesterday's news was that Alex Galchenyuk will be missing four to six weeks due to a broken hand suffered in Monday night's game against the Florida Panthers. Galchenyuk also missed making Team U.S.A.'s Olympic team. But he's still only a kid at 19 years old, and it's not like he's killing himself over this.

Elsewhere around the NHL

Much ballyhoo over Martin St. Louis not making Team Canada, understandably so, and how does St. Louis respond? Of course he does. He didn't have much else to say about it, so might as well let his play do the talking.

The Leafs lost again, which is not so much news as a comfortable, cozy-old-socks feel-good story.

Vancouver hosted Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins last night, in Crosby's first return to the city since scoring the Golden Goal. Vancouver was winning by two goals with a little over a minute left. And, well ... look away, all the zero Canucks fans who come here for news.