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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes - No-Goal? No Problem

The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Florida Panthers in a mostly boring game that they dominated. Tomas Plekanec is appreciated by Habs media and fans, his national team, and none of the Selke Trophy voters.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

  • Summary of the first period: Habs score goal. Tim Thomas floppy and out of position. Habs fail to bury Panthers. Panthers tie game. Habs fans sad.
  • Summary of the second period: Tim Thomas floppy and out of position. Habs fail to bury Panthers. Habs fans sad. Goal finally scored. Habs fans less sad.
  • Summary of the third period: Tim Thomas floppy and out of position. Douglas Murray on the ice. Habs fans sad.
  • A win! Habs fans happy.
  • If years after I am dead, my only contribution to the world is that I started calling him Tummy Thomas on the internet, I think I could be proud of that.
  • Why are none of the goals the Habs score against the Panthers ever allowed? Is this a new league rule? First of all, calm down with the whistle, yo, and second of all, Travis Moen was pushed, yo.
  • I um... the defense pairings... fix it.
  • The 4th line + Douglas Murray + Francis Boullion = Red Wedding.
  • Somebody check Carey Price's groin. No, I do not volunteer.
  • Also someone check Brandon Prust and Alex Galchenyuk.
  • Thank you for that goal, Ed Jovanovski. PS Ed Jovanovski is still in the NHL?
  • When I become ruler of the universe, dumping and chasing will be a two minute minor. Teams will be required to actually have a strategy. How about that.
  • This game was boring. So many Habs games these days are boring. I really wish I could just switch teams and be a Blackhawks fan and watch them every night instead of these will-they-won't-they-they-probably-won't Habs games.
  • I know I complain a lot, but I swear I wouldn't if I wasn't absolutely certain that the Habs could play so much better and be more fun.
  • Your Rene Bourque Compliment of the Night for JD__ is brought to you by Rosalyn Roy of the Habs twittersphere:
  • I guess the compliment there is that he gets off the ice as soon as possible so as to cause as little harm as possible. Team player, really.
  • Your EOTP Three Stars are basically most of the third period thread. I read the thread looking for some stars, it`s a pretty good one overall. Give it a look here.
  • On to the Flyers. But first, Team Canada gets chosen. And we will post the roster right here, where you can discuss them and hopefully it will be a P.K. Party instead of a P.K. Pity Party. See you then! In the meantime, some highlights:

Desharnais fooling Thomas:

Gionta's game winner: