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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: Better than nothing

Montreal finally received some puck luck versus Ottawa, but it wasn't enough.

Bernard Brault

  • Great start.
  • 13 seconds in ... That's fast. Even the Bruins couldn't manage to lose the Stanley Cup in that amount of time. At least it took them 17 seconds.
  • There was a bat in the building, so I guess the Eric Gryba wasn't the only thing that sucked at the Bell Centre tonight. (just assume it's a vampire bat for the sake of the joke, deal?)
  • Montreal got another perfectly good goal disallowed tonight. It seems like that's a recurring theme in all the Top Six Minutes.
  • Intent to blow. Let's talk about that. It seems as if the referees definitely have the intent to blow most nights. It's infuriating mostly because I haven't managed to learn how to deal with it. I know they're going to be terrible, yet I'm upset when they are. I think I might be insane.
  • On that note, since they blew the goal decision, they gave Montreal four powerplays in the first. Four. Montreal has no one to blame but themselves for the deficit heading into the second period.
  • There's no way that any reasonable human being would think that Francis Bouillon is better than Diaz, and that's not necessarily a dig at Bouillon, we all know how terrible he is. It's more than Diaz is actually a useful defenceman, he produces very decent 5-on-5 numbers, and without him in the lineup our second wave PP has Gorges-Bouillon the back end, which is essentially a great way to ensure you won't get any production.
  • Ipso Facto: Don't ever sit Diaz in favour of Bouillon or Murray ever again.
  • Ever.
  • Seriously Michel. No more playing your BFF Frankie Boo over Raphael.
  • Ipso Facto: Therrien might be on LSD every game he watches, because he seems to have a skewed view on what's happening.
  • The other issue with dropping Diaz is that Markov and Subban, who are already over-taxed, are forced to play ridiculous minutes on the PP, thus leaving us more vulnerable 5 on 5.
  • The Sens are awfully frustrating to play against. It's not that they're dominant, or play well, but they seem to get a ton of puck luck vs the Habs. Whereas Montreal owns land in Postville, near the county of crappy bounces, Ottawa is leasing a house on Horseshoeupthearse avenue.
  • I might be slightly bitter.
  • Daniel Briere deserves some props for his goal. Great tenacity.
  • Francis Bouillon actually scored tonight!!!
  • However, like all his goals it was against Price.
  • Raphael doesn't hit, and that confuses Therrien, but at LEAST HE DOESN'T SCORE ON HIS OWN NET AS OFTEN AS BOUILLON.....
  • Greg Pateryn should be  called up. Immediately.
  • When's Drewiske schedule to be back anyways?
  • Therrien continues to struggle to adapt in-game. In fact, not only does he struggle, he flat-out doesn't adapt whatsoever. If his 'system' (dumb and chase) doesn't work, Montreal loses. It's as simple as that.
  • Therrien would make a great expansion team coach. Expansion teams love playing dumb and chase hockey.
  • I wonder if the NHL is ready to expand as early as next year...
  • Now, clearly I have a bone to pick with Michel, but not every single mistake is on him. There are too many passengers on this team.
  • I would be remiss if I didn't thank the Canadiens for making life as a Habs fan living in Ottawa a real treat over the last year or so.
  • Ottawa does a good job at limiting any rebound chances. Basically the reverse of what Montreal's defencemen do.
  • Speaking of what the Sens do well, they skate hard. Every single shift. Their team is mediocre at best, riddled with players willing to put in a yeomen's effort. If the Habs played with the same intensity as the Sens (minus Ryan, of course), they wouldn't be struggling to maintain pace with lower echelon teams.
  • Either way, Ottawa has our number. They have a hand crochet blanket with the Habs number on it. I'm pretty sure they've commissioned a water colour painting of Montreal's number. Is there any way we could get it unlisted?
  • Douglas Murray created a goal. No joke. Kudos to the big guy, as he finished the game with two assists in what was easily his best game of the year.
  • Yup, you read that right, two assists.
  • Brière got his second goal of the game as well.
  • Yup, you read that right, two goals.
  • On top of that, Brière registered an assist on Gionta's goal. Three points. Everything is turning up Milhouse!
  • Seems like the Sens got evicted from their bungalow on Horseshoeupthearse avenue during the third period.
  • The penalty on Subban was terrible. Actually, it was kind of ironic because holding the opposition's stick and falling to the ground to draw a penalty is a move Subban has done himself.
  • A good third period should give this time a nice boost of morale, but losing to the Sens (AGAIN) stings, big time.

Brière's 1st goal:

Brière's second goal:

Gionta's goal:

The three EOTP stars are all awarded to courtnall, who came up with this gem:

Briere & Murray are rocking it. If Gionta smacks home a one-timer from the blueline watch out for airborne pigs.