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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: Habs beat Bruins. That is all.

Remember that time the Habs beat the Bruins with their backup in goal? And then that other time? And then that other other time? Well, it happened again.

Jim Rogash

  • Well that is supremely satisfying. I mean it wasn't a hard-fought game, it didn't look like, but any time the Bruins lose and the Habs win is satisfying.
  • Hey, remember that time the Habs beat the Bruins with their backup? Like, all the times?
  • The Habs-Bruins games never seem to stick to the script.
  • I have never seen Zdeno Chara or Milan Lucic look so sleepy. What was up with that?
  • I love how fired up Brendan Gallagher gets whenever the Habs play the Bruins. He hates them as much as we do, you guys.
  • Our own Robert tweeted: "Brad Marchand is what's left when you clean out a septic tank." Please direct your applause his way.
  • Why would you pull Tuukka Rask there, Claude, that's dumb, look what happened.
  • PS who the hell is Chad Johnson?
  • (I know who Chad Johnson is, guys.)
  • Let's talk about the feelings we get when Max Pacioretty scores against the Bruins.
  • Hopefully Max Pacioretty's requisite cold streak comes in the Olympics and ends when he gets back. Win-win for all of us. Except you, American Habs fans. Sorry I'm not sorry.
  • I hate when the Habs play away games that start at 7pm instead of 7:30. It ruins my entire life.
  • It just hit me that there are less than 30 games left in the season. I'm not ready.
  • Rene Bourque compliment of the night, for JD__: he hit the post and not someone's head.
  • Here are the Bruins that they don't deserve to have on the Bruins: David Krejci, Tuukka Rask, and Patrice Bergeron. The league should force them to give them up.
  • A Bruins game at TD Garden is usually a good time, but the crowd went quiet fairly early. If you've never been, they know how to put on a hockey game. And their music is better than ours. Just... that damn goal horn. It's an arena, not the open seas.
  • If one of those neanderthals lays a hand on Lars Eller again I will murder him.
  • Dougie Hamilton looks like an overgrown awkward ninth-grader.
  • So from about the middle of the second period onwards, the Bruins were kind of dominating the Habs, but I think it's mostly the score effects, up 4-1, etc.
  • Nathan Beaulieu with zone entries. Because he hasn't spent this entire season being coached by Michel Therrien.
  • I will not hear Douglas Murray apologists. He was chasing Josh Gorges all night, his two scoring chances be damned.
  • Peter Budaj. Awesome backup.
  • Les trois etoiles d'EOTP: 3rd Star: Pinkoir with "There is no depth of misery so profound that pounding the bruins cannot deliver succour." 2nd Star: courtnall with "Just making it clear it is yellow, not gold. You can call it gold but that don’t make it not piss yellow." (seriously, give it up, Bruins fans. It is not gold, it is YELLOW). 1st star: Michel Therrien playing George Parros on the PP.
  • The Habs are not fixed, you guys. BUT THEY BEAT THE BOSTON BRUINS WOOOOOOOOOO.