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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: Who are these guys?

The Montreal Canadiens went up 3-0 on the Carolina Hurricanes and did not cough up the lead. They were obviously impostors.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • As I begin to write this, the Canadiens are up 3-0 on the Hurricanes. So, you know. I am writing for a win, which means this game will probably end in a loss. (Leaving that here just because. I may make this a regular feature.)
  • I wonder if the talking heads on TV would still say the same things about the games we're all watching if they could hear themselves like we can hear them.
  • I had promised the Twitters earlier that this would be a post about how much I hate Jeff Skinner since I didn't feel like writing any more articles about how the Habs suck. Well, the Habs won, so I can't really do that.
  • But I really hate that kid, you guys. Jeff Skinner is the Justin Bieber of the NHL, except without the DUI and without the Leafs jersey. What a little shit.
  • You guys should read the game thread for comments from before puck drop/before the first goal. I know this team is not overall doing great, but it's a hilarious pit of despair in there at the beginning, in retrospect. For the record, I also thought that's how the game was going to go.
  • Let us build new shrines to Carey Price on top of the shrines we already had on top of the shrines we already had before that. Priceshrineception.
  • Also do not check the Canadiens Facebook page, all the morons who think Price is a bad goalie or that the losses are his fault congregate there. I recommend hanging out on our page, instead, etc.
  • Obligatory Jiri Tlusty naked picture mention.
  • Kirk Muller's tie gave me a seizure.
  • Holy crap the Bell Centre was playoff loud after that win. Which is sad.
  • Max Pacioretty, is such a perimeter player, he scored that goal from the perimeter of Khudobin's face.
  • Rene Bourque compliment of the night, for JD__: an assist!
  • Fun Anton Khudobin fact: his nickname is Dobby, and he got Dobby from the Harry Potter movies on his goalie mask.
  • Another fun Anton Khudobin fact: he is no longer a Bruin, so he is approximately a billion times more likable.
  • Unsung hero: Lars Eller. Well I don't know if he was sung by you guys or not, but I feel like he went unsung. Such a good player. I will be really angry when they panic trade him.
  • So. This win does not change the fact that Michel Therrien is not a good coach.
  • In the absence of a working Extra Skater page for this game, I turned to MathMan for the numbers, and it's all bad. The Fenwick is bad, the Corsi is bad, and the reason the Corsi is bad is the Habs blocked a lot more even strength shots than the Canes did, which means they weren't generating nothing and the Canes were in their kitchen a lot. Carey Price, etc.
  • However, I swear I saw zone entries! ZONE ENTRIES, YOU GUYS!
  • Your EOTP Three Stars: ALL THE GOAL POSTS.
  • This does not give me too much hope for the Bruins game, because the Boston Bruins could eat the "fragile" Habs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an afternoon snack.