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Canadiens vs Stars Top Six Minutes: All Hail Subban

What can we say about PK Subban? Lots, actually.

Ronald Martinez

  • Oh hey look, Montreal had another terrible start to a game.
  • The Stars broadcast guy used the word Vaselinity. No joke. Your homework is to use that newly branded word three times tomorrow.
  • Subban has Professor-X type vision. This guy can see into the future. Someone check to make sure he's not a mutant. And if he is, clone him. Immediately.
  • What would our offense do without Subban setting up Pacioretty? Curl into a fetal position and cry? Because that's what I do when I think of our team without those two.
  • Advanced stats are dumb (or they're really ugly for this game, either way), and I clearly don't need them to know we were dominated in the 1st period.  Montreal lacked the vaselinity to slip out of a rough situation.
  • Montreal's second best scoring chance in the 1st period came from a 200 foot PK Subban slapshot in the dying minutes.
  • Montreal is bad at faceoffs and they should feel bad.
  • Jamie Benn should be on Team Canada. He's fast, has smart positioning and can score. But he won't, because that would make too much sense. In fact, Tyler Seguin should probably be there too, but that's a whole other bag of worms.
  • Once again Subban set up our second goal. Not only is he our key defensively (except for Price, of course) but he's our key on offense. It's ridiculous how important he is to the Habs.
  • The penalty shot awarded by the refs was garbage and I don't really want to dwell on it. However Valeri Nichuskin is the real deal. What a steal by Dallas.
  • Oh hey look, Subban created a beautiful goal, If Phaneuf is worth $7M per year, Subban is worth roughly $3B per year. So much vaselinity! No one can catch him on the ice.
  • Price got an assist on Subban's goal, and he now has more points than Douglas Murray, and one less than Francis Bouillon. *thatsnotdepressingatall.gif*
  • I know he scored, but Desharnais needs to shoot more. He has a decent shot, he just needs to trust it a little more.
  • PK Subban is better than Drew Doughty
  • PK Subban is better than Jay Bowmeester
  • PK Subban is better than Marc Edouard Vlasic
  • PK Subban is better than Kris Letang
  • PK Subban is better than Brian Campbell
  • PK Subban is better than Dan Hamhuis
  • PK Subban is better than Shea Weber
  • PK Subban is better than Alex Pietrangelo
  • PK Subban is....well...actually... Duncan Keith is pretty damn good, and is probably leading the Norris race at the moment, so let's just say they're both elite.
  • Did anyone -not- enjoy Moen feeding Roussel his lunch? Saskatchewan style! On that note, Moen has been great this year. That's right, I said great. No, he's not scoring a ton but that's not his role. He's paid (very little) to play a strong defensive game and provide a physical presence. He's done exactly that for the bottom 6, and there's little to no reason to criticize Therrien's use of him, although I'm sure I could if I thought about it long enough....
  • Montreal had a reasonable second period. Not only did they manage to score two goals, which might be a season high, but they also brought their Fenwick from roughly 25% to 50%.
  • Everyone is happy to see Gallagher get off the shnide.
  • In case you missed it, the Stars had a goal disallowed. Poor guys. Try having 2 legitimate goals disallowed and then we'll talk
  • Murray is so freaking huge! It's great! Except when he screens our goalie and tips the puck into the net. #Murraying
  • Carey Price deserves better in front of him. The 4th goal came on a Bouillon screen. However it wasn't his best game. He reminded me a little of Fleury, which is about as big of an insult as I can give Carey. That being said, he's allowed to have a mediocre game once in a while
  • The Stars have the highest ratio of glass-bangers in the league. I hope they all ruined their watches.
  • How do you 2 on 1? Asking for 23 friends, thanks!
  • Lars Eller is my hero, and he should be yours too.
  • Remember the Pacioretty trade rumours? LOL
  • After that crazy back-and-forth game I am going to make a drink, and you should be too. Just watch the vaselinity of your glass, or you may drop it.


Subban's great assist on the first goal by Pacioretty:

Subban's great assist on the second goal, by Desharnais:

Subban's great assist on a PK Subban goal. (He deserves two points on this play)

Moen's fight with Roussel:

EOTP Three Stars:

3. Courtnall for his comments regarding the Stars jerseys being 'nice

"So you have a black and white television then...."

2. tim.daoust response to Gallagher looking like he's in some discomfort:

"so are all of us"

1. JonPublic for his comparison of Subban to the Death Star. Except I should note that Subban has a much better Fenwick close % than the Death Star. More sustainable as well.