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George Parros to meet with concussion specialist

The Habs tough guy may be in trouble, but thankfully he's getting the help he needs.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

After receiving his second concussion of the season in a fight versus Eric Boulton, Montreal Canadiens tough guy George Parros is apparently struggling with post-concussion symptoms.

The Canadiens announced that the hulking forward is on his way to Michigan to meet with a specialist.

Parros, known league-wide for his cerebral approach to fighting, has never had to deal with knockout over his fight filled career, however after an incident in the opening game of the year left him with his first major concussion of his NHL career.

Shortly after his debut with Montreal, he slipped during a fight with Colton Orr, and smashed his face into the ice leading him to miss 12 games.

The fight versus Boulton was going Parros' way until he was hit with a huge uppercut that wobbled the Princeton graduate. He tried to go to the penalty box, but was quickly escorted to the locker room once it was apparent he was struggling with his balance.

Good luck with the recovery, George. Health first, always.