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Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs - Top Six Minutes - Toronto Maple Lucks edition

The Canadiens follow up an atrocious outing against Ottawa with a much stronger overall outing against Toronto. The Result? A loss. Here are your Top Six Minutes. Now let me drink in peace.

Claus Andersen

  • New blood in the lineup! Smells of change!!!
  • Nope, guess not.
  • For the first half of the first period they looked like decapitated chickens running around all over the place with no discernible shred of organization.
  • That's an insult to the chickens.
  • Alexei Emelin likes to stare at the puck a lot eh.
  • In Soviet Russia, Puck stares at you!
  • Don't do that. Kadri can dangle. He does and gifts one to some other guy he plays with that my cousin probably doesn't like and neither do I.
  • Eyes on the Prize chest buddy.
  • Things started to get better as the first period moved along.
  • A Brendan Gallagher PP goal happened! I love that kid. Let's petition Burger King and Wendy's to give the kid a sandwich too. He deserves it.
  • Off to the second with a tie game, which should be impossible due to the first ten minutes or so.
  • Yeah, this is more like it... Zone time, good control of the play. Much better.
  • Phil Kessel is a dick. Gets robbed by Carey Price and still gets gifted one due to a defensive zone breakdown.
  • I can't be mad at anyone other than Douglas Murray, who didn't play, so I'm mad at Kessel. Dick.
  • Not long after, Mason Raymond upped the lead to two... Now all I can think about is how to write an open letter to Marc Bergevin without an insane amount of profanity.
  • I have it on good authority that Mason Raymond is a very smelly man with bad breath.
  • I have to say at least one positive thing I felt after going down 3-1. Nathan Beaulieu is wayyyyy better than Douglas Murray. I'm not saying I hope his injury is serious, but I really hope they keep him out of the lineup for the rest of the season for precautionary reasons.
  • I'm starting to feel, despite the deficit, we've got to be righting the possession ship. If we have a negative possession game against Toronto I'm going to break many things.
  • Surely I'm not alone on that.
  • Alexei Emelin had a terrible game. Just terrible. I need Andrei Markov to tell me the word for "Suck" in Russian
  • hehe it's сосать. Try and pronounce that, it's really fun.
  • Brian Gionta is a good guy, eh? Cuts the lead to one so we can all take it easy a bit on our livers. Thanks buddy.
  • Third frame? pretty much all Habs. By the midway point of the period, I was sure we had regained positive possession, checked extra skater, and confirmed that we had.
  • Everyone remember the team that used to dominate all the time and then somehow lose despite their efforts? They're baaaaaaa-aaaack.
  • That's either a good thing or a really really annoying thing. It really depends on them not being unlucky and avoiding mistakes in our own zone.
  • What the hell was he doing on the James Van Riemsdyk goal? You сосать Emelin.
  • Not O.K. for P.K. Subban to grab his logo but perfectly acceptable for Van Riemsdyk to do it. And that's not racist at all.
  • And of course an awarded goal to Joffrey Lupul ends the game in favour of the luckiest bunch of lucks who ever lucked. Change the first letter of those three words to F and it's still true.
  • How we managed to get a game with good goaltending AND positive possession is maddening.
  • Maybe we need to go back to negative possession and great goaltending? I have no fucking clue.
  • 55.8% Corsi and 55.6% Fenwick for the good guys tonight. What the actual fuck. I pray Therrien doesn't attribute the loss to the lack of Murray. I know that's insane but it's Therrien. Please don't Michel...
  • Silver Lining: Beaulieu is really good and we didn't get drubbed in the fancy stat columns... Yay!
  • Silver lining: Parros and Orr didn't engage in pointless, staged pugilism leading to someone having their dome slammed into the ice.
  • Silver Lining: Nathan Beaulieu just may have usurped Douglas Murray tonight. Only time will tell, but wouldn't that be excellent?
  • I'm sorry guys I wasn't on the game thread so I can't give any of you stars. Here are some anyways.
  • Third Star: The guy who rolled up the carpet after the anthem. Sound carpet rolling at it's finest.
  • Second Star: Chris Hadfield for the anthem, and having been to space.
  • First Star: Douglas Murray, because he didn't play and that's a good thing.

Kadri Undresses Emelin

Gallagher ties it on the PP

Kessel regains the lead

Smelly Mason Raymond makes it 3-1

Gionta brings the Habs within one

Desharnais ties it up again

Van Reimsdyk takes the lead

Allowed goal for Lupul.