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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes - How Do You Like Me Now? Edition.

The Canadiens may have played the worst game in a year against the Ottawa Senators, but they won the game thanks to Tomas Plekanec, P.K. Subban, pure dumb luck, and the genius of Carey Price.

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  • How the fuck did the Habs win that game?
  • Francis Boullion not playing is a treat for Habs fans, while Chris Neil not playing is a treat for all of humanity.
  • First, let us talk about our Tomas Plekanec feelings. I will start: He is a god. Feel free to add your feelings in the comments.
  • Then let us mention that Brendan Gallagher is a beast.
  • Then let us dedicate the rest of our feelings to Carey Price because Carey Price is a king among men, a god among kings, and all sorts of hyperbolic praise that I am too shocked to think of right now.
  • Alright, on to this game, which was quite honestly the worst game I have seen this team play under Therrien. Here are the fancy stats, but your eyes would also have told you that almost the entirety of the game was played in the Canadiens' zone.
  • How the fuck did the Habs win that game?
  • Lord, Sens fans. You are embarrassing. The Habs get called for a cross-check, and all you hear is booing. The Habs score a shorthanded goal, and the entire arena cheers. The Habs score any goal, and the entire arena cheers. If you're not going to go to the games and support your team, don't cry at me on Twitter when I make fun of them.
  • And what the fuck is that booing P.K. Subban? He loooooooves that shit. We looooooove it when you do that shit. You're going to be cheering for him three weeks from now, anyway, so, like, stop embarrassing yourselves.
  • When he obnoxiously celebrated that overtime goal, I couldn't stop cackling. Nobody deserves that feeling more than Sens fans. Hahahahahahaha.
  • There is a small chance I may be bitter.
  • I do not understand why the Habs insist on playing like this against the Ottawa Senators every fucking time. It's like they're doing it to personally hurt me.
  • The final shots were 44-23. They allowed 44 shots on Carey Price. This team should be keelhauled 44 times.
  • Darren Dreger apparently thought Carey Price should be the starter in Sochi until Price let that first goal in and now Dreger has changed his mind. This is my favourite tweet about that:
  • Darren Dreger should stick to talking about things he actually knows about, like whatever Dave Nonis decides he should know about.
  • Everyone other than Darren Dreger was appropriately astounded by Carey Price's general play tonight, particularly around the middle of the second period. Basically a summary of this game is "HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN."
  • (And also, how the fuck did the Habs win that game?)
  • God, he's good. you guys. (Price, I mean, not Dreger, obviously.)
  • Too bad the team in front of him is a bunch of clowns playing like clowns because they are coached by clowns.
  • Fucking clowns.
  • I literally started crying, no joke, when the Senators scored that fourth goal.
  • And then I cried laughing when Jared Cowen scored that goal for Plekanec.
  • Basically, Therrien lives to see another day, the Canadiens are getting progressively (regressively?) worse and worse although their place in the standings doesn't show it, and we're still living in misery, but at least they didn't lose to the Sens again?
  • EOTP three stars: Carey Price, P.K. Subban's goal celebration, Sens fan tears.
  • How the fuck did the Habs win that game?

Plekanec opens the scoring with a SHG:

Pacioretty PPG:

Desharnais undresses Anderson:

Cowen's own goal:

Subban's OT game-winning goal: