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Tuesday Habs Links: Should Plekanec be a Selke candidate?

Your links and open thread for the day, including some discussion of on one of the most underrated players in the league.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens Links

After his heroic performance against the Blackhawks, Tomas Plekanec has once again gained Selke Trophy (for best defensive forward) buzz. JF Chaumont opines about it here. As a wise man once said, you know Pleks is the most underrated player in the league because he always comes second in "most underrated player" polls.

Stu Cowan of the Gazette writes about P.K. Subban's junior coach - one of the first people the Canadiens defenseman called upon hearing the good Olympic news - and how he helped Subban's development.

Andrei Markov (or rather his agent) is reportedly in negotiations with the Canadiens on a contract extension.

Around The NHL

Some people go to extreme measures to make their fantasies come to fruition. Then there's this guy.

Justin Bourne of the Score writes about the "doghouse" and what players can do to get out of it.

I wrote this a while back about the Florida Panthers and media members misinterpreting shot-based metrics. The numbers no longer really apply but the message still does.

Bruce Arthur with a great segment on the Leafs and media narratives here. I haven't actually seen it because for some reason TSN doesn't wanna let Americans watch most of their content, but I hear it was good.

Speaking of the Leafs, apparently their success wasn't a fluke because their president said so.

In Randy Carlyle's defense.

Okay that's enough of that. Meanwhile, one Team Canada snub took his rejection in stride.

My future wife Margot Robbie is apparently a huge hockey fan. As if she wasn't awesome enough.