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Dive Files: Winter's worst

It's time to shame the worst actors in the league again!

As a part of an on-going exposé we've been keeping an eye on the most blatant examples of diving, embellishment and flops throughout the NHL season.

Hover over the GIFs to make them start.

Here is the recent batch of players trying to sell the call:

1. Franzen's Folly:

It turns out that Zack Smith replaced his stick blade with a samurai sword, thus explaining Franzen's collapse and eventual leg amputation that followed this heinous act.

2. More Motown Mockery.

Not to be outdone by Zack Smith's heinous act, Kyle Turris almost severs Darren Helm's leg off, showing no remorse for the previous amputation that occurred shortly before this violent act.

3. Pavelski's Portrait.

Joe Pavelski was almost maimed on this play, as Tyler Toffoli showed no remorse in channeling his inner Darth Vader. Surprisingly Pavelski was ok. Close one young Skywalker.

4. OEL, (The E stands for embellishment)

What initially looks like just another hockey play turned out to be ground breaking event for science.

Not only did OEL disprove Newton's third law of motion, but he also magically healed his ailing neck within seconds to be healthy enough to play on the ensuing powerplay. It turns out that water in Phoenix has regenerative powers.

As a first time offender we can probably give him the benefit of the doubt on this play.

5. Poulin is Foolin'

Look out Mike Smith, Kevin Poulin is coming for your dive crown.

6. Ville Laimo.

Spurned by his omission to Finland's Olympic roster, Ville Leino made a last ditch attempt to secure a spot at the Olympics with this fantastic quarter salchow jump.

7. Lehtonen the refs know.

Lehtonen did receive a minimal amount of contact on the play. However it's worth noting that having skate blades touch doesn't usually make your knees buckle.

8 Nobody beats the King. Nobody.

Here's the thing, Smith received contact on that play. Anyone calling it a dive is wrong, dead wrong. HOWEVER, calling it brutal acting? That definitely would not be a misnomer. Smith was going to draw a penalty on the play no matter what, he doesn't need to throw his hands in the air as if he's in a 90's rap video. It's not the first time, and it surely won't be the last time Smith pours on the bad acting to ensure the draw. There's a reason he's regarded as the biggest flopper in the league, goaltender category.