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Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony 2014

The day is finally here as the 2014 Winter Olympics officially open in Sochi, Russia.

Clive Mason

It all officially begins today, with the end of the torch relay, the unveiling of the official Olympic torch for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, and the opening ceremonies for the biggest show on Earth.

Hayley Wickenheiser, the 35 year old Canadian hockey legend, will be carrying the flag for Canada in the parade of nations, where Canada will enter 35th. This is likely Wickenheiser's final Olympics, and she's hoping to lead the Canadian women's national hockey team to their 4th straight gold medal. John Brophy wrote about how important Wickenheiser's career has been, and what this end of an era means for the sport.

Other hockey players to carry to represent their countries as flag bearers are Zdeno Chara for Slovakia, Sandish Ozalinsh for Latvia, and Tomaz Razingar for Slovenia.

If you're looking for signs that say Canada in Russian, you'll need to look for this: Канада.

So join the thread and critique the bizarre decisions Russia will likely make for the opening ceremonies.

Watch the ceremonies live here.