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Team Canada 2014: P.K. Subban and Carey Price make it

It's happened everyone, they're on Team Canada!

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle

There has been speculation for months and months that Carey Price would make it, but P.K. Subban wouldn't, but with the announcement of the roster this morning, both of them have made Team Canada for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Subban's spectacular play was more than enough to make anyone a lock for the team, though he will likely start out around the bottom of the 8 defensemen Canada is taking due to a bogus reputation as a liability. Like Drew Doughty in 2010 though, he will play his way up the lineup.

Carey Price will likely be the starting goaltender in Sochi, carving out his place at the top with a mind-bendingly awesome start to the season, where he has often single-handedly kept the Canadiens in games, and stolen his fair share.

Considering how paranoid we all were about these two selections, I think it's time to celebrate, don't you? Bring on the insanity!