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Team Canada jerseys - Which one was the best?

After Team Canada's jerseys for the 2014 Sochi Olympics were leaked last night, I thought it would be interesting to gauge which jerseys our readers liked the most in Canada's history.

Jamie Squire

The first ever Team Canada jersey in 1920 had some odd colour choices:


When Canada decided to actually develop a national team program, this was their inaugural jersey. Sorry about the image quality.


The first Canadian jersey to be considered iconic was worn in the 1972 Summit Series, still considered by many as the greatest tournament in hockey history.


In 1974 Canada switched it up by quite a bit.


In 1976, Canada created one of their most iconic designs, a bit of a mix of the previous two.


In 1980, Canada made another radical change, using a variation of jerseys with this logo.


In 1982 Canada reigned in their designs a bit with this entry.


While those jersey were used for a long time, the next variation was used for even longer, with the official Hockey Canada logo becoming the norm. The first major tournament with the new design was the 1998 Nagano Olympics.


In 2002, things were mostly the same with the main jersey.


2002 also featured a third jersey though, with a different logo.


In 2006, the detailing changed once more, but the overall look was the same.


In 2009 Canada brought out an alternate jersey that was a throwback to the 1976 jersey for the World Juniors.


For the 2010 World Juniors, Canada brought out another alternate, with green jerseys.


The 2010 regular entries were what Team Canada planned to use in the Olympics, until Hockey Canada's logo was banned.


Canada's actual entry for Vancouver in 2010 ended up being a bit more special, including homage to the First Nations of British Columbia.


Then for Sochi in 2014 there's... this.


Which one is your favourite?