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Team USA releases their Sochi Olympic jerseys, and they're ugly

Team USA has released their jerseys for the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi, and they're a disaster.

Look, as a Canadian, I troll America for it's uselessness at hockey all the time, but sometimes it's not about trolling. What on earth were they thinking here?

Who is the person who decided there needed to be shiny plastic stars on the shoulders? Why is that person in charge of making any sort of design decision? Why does the logo look like a traffic sign on the I-90? Why is there so much dead space on the jersey? How does it manage to have so much dead space yet still seem too busy?

Honestly they could have made it yellow and it wouldn't have been this bad, these are a disaster. They break all the rules of good jersey design, which you can tell because they kind of look like the generic USA jerseys from EA Sports games.

It's uninspired, it's boring, and it somehow goes too far. It's Ben Affleck as Batman.

I'm kind of sad that Max Pacioretty and maybe Alex Galchenyuk will have pictures taken of them wearing these things.