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P.K. Subban sees himself next to Crosby with a gold medal in Sochi

CBC did a small promo for Team Canada in Sochi with P.K. Subban, and he illuminated how he sees everything playing out.

It seems that Team Canada still has questions about P.K. Subban for the upcoming Winter Olympics, but Subban himself has a very clear picture of what's going to happen.

Subban sees himself wearing a gold medal while the Canadian national anthem plays, between Sidney Crosby and Carey Price.

We all know Subban deserves to be there, though if he will be is a slightly different question. Personally I don't believe there's any way that Team Canada can leave him home, and all the talk it much ado about nothing.

But what about you, do you think Subban will have his chance to wear that gold medal beside Crosby?