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Examining Corsi Percentage (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for this morning.

Bruce Bennett

Tyler Dellow makes an important distinction about Corsi percentage (Pucks Directed For / (Pucks Directed For + Pucks Directed Against)) worthy of top billing in today's links. Dellow notes, using Ben Eager as a test case, that Corsi% measures what a player's team did when he was on the ice rather than his individual possession ability. In other words, you can't automatically ascribe possession skills to a player based on his Corsi numbers. As a person that finds statistical hockey analysis fascinating, but has trouble applying data for himself, I found Dellow's point pretty illuminating. Check out the full article for musings on the appropriate application of Corsi%.

Once you're done there, I have a whole crop of links for your eyeballs to embrace. Enjoy!

Montreal Canadiens News and Analysis
  • Some interesting stuff has surfaced following the conclusion of rookie camp and announcement of Montreal's main camp roster. Current Windsor Spitfire and former 2012 fourth-round pick Brady Vail is the only drafted player from Montreal's rookie camp that did not receive an invite to main camp. The Top 25 Under 25 Crew ranked Vail 27th overall, ahead of main camp invitees Erik Nystrom (34) and Connor Crisp (38).
  • Christopher Boucher graphs the number of successful events per minute of each Canadiens player for the 2013 season. According to Boucher's research, Subban produced the most successful plays in each zone amongst defensemen, while Lars Eller and Max Pacioretty were the strongest offensive performers of the forward group. By this measure, Rene Bourque performed poorly, ranking last among wingers in defensive success and next-to-last in offensive success.
General News and Analysis
EOTP News and Archive Material
  • Here are highlights and the full shootout from Montreal's March 27th come-from-behind victory over the Boston Bruins. No commentary is necessary, just bask in the beauty of Bruin sadness.
  • EOTP Radio returns tonight with a new show featuring Mike Obrand and Andrew Berkshire at 7:00PM EST. Be sure to tune in here.