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P.K. Subban should be traded: changing my tune on my favourite Montreal Canadiens player

Over the summer, I've come to realize that perhaps it's best if P.K. Subban gets traded away from Montreal.

Bruce Bennett

Norris-trophy-winning defenseman P.K. Subban is one of the best players the Canadiens have had on their roster in quite some time. But I think it's time the Habs explore the possibility of trading him to another team. His trade value has never been higher, and the Habs stand a good chance of getting some extremely decent prospects or even roster players for him. Why trade him, do you ask? You see, he doesn't represent Montreal Canadiens values.

He's an arrogant showoff.

Who cares if he's an elite defenseman if he's an egomaniac who can't stop instagramming his own workouts so the world can see what great shape he's in?

And don't get me started on the way he talks. Here is an article detailing Subban's arrogance from Ottawa Senators blog Senshot (not to be confused with SBN's own Silver Seven Sens, who would never publish such in-depth analysis on a player). How can you not think P.K. is a terrible human being after reading that?

When Subban was holding out on the Canadiens at the beginning of last season, I was thinking it might be best if he were traded to the Bruins, for like Hockey Canada Olympic Orientation Camp Invitee Brad Marchand or somebody, but he has proven himself to be worth more, and now that I think about it, why not a player-for-player Subban for Erik Karlsson trade? I mean, Erik Karlsson doesn't have that ego, and he's probably better than P.K., too. For example, he won the Norris first. And he doesn't seem the least bit interesting off the ice, which is what you look for in a hockey player.

Fun fact: P.K. Subban is the only Norris-winning Canadiens defenseman who has not won a Stanley Cup. I think we can infer from that that he must be poisoning the Habs locker room, preventing them from going very far in the playoffs. After all, if you've watched Hockey Night In Canada at all this year, you will have heard P.J. Stock go on and on about how his teammates hate him.

Would P.J. Stock ever misinform you? Or discuss things he doesn't know the first thing about on the HNIC panel?

Just this morning, Subban instagrammed a picture of himself and Carey Price on a plane to Calgary. Price got married last night, and the picture Subban tweeted was clearly of a guy who had been partying all night. Can you really trust a friend who posts embarrassing pictures of you for thousands of people to see?

In conclusion, P.K. Subban needs to go.

He's brash and he's arrogant. It's been true since he first got drafted by Les Glorieux, but the time has finally come to stop looking the other way. He's not going to grow up and he needs a change of location, to somewhere where his talent and worth to the team. And, as P.J. Stock has repeatedly implied, at this point, P.K. is a big enough influence on the locker room that we can't ignore his showboating as youthful indiscretion anymore. The true shame of it is that as his play improves, so does his ego. What a showoff.

The fact of the matter is that all the talent in the world is not enough if the player in question doesn't behave like a humble, easy-to-love fourth line plug. If he pisses people off, he shouldn't be on the team. I would rather he win a Stanley Cup elsewhere instead of being a core member of the Habs as they chase their 25th win, really.

So, where do you think the Habs can trade him to, and who for?


And now, the fine print: Of course I don't think P.K. Subban should be traded, and I love how much he enjoys the fact that he's a talented hockey player. This was an article generously paid for by one of my friends, Ottawa Senators fan SensDewie19, who donated to a charity run I did for Team In Training to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Thanks to her and other generous donors (for whom I have articles in the pipeline), we raised more than $6,100, so thank you again. You hereby acknowledge that by directing any kind of abuse regarding this article at me in the comments or on Twitter or whatever, you are admitting to being a massive Boston Bruins fan. You can't undo this admission by deleting the comment, sorry. Shoulda read the fine print, huh?