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How Alex Galchenyuk scored his goals in 2013 - Part 2 - Analysis

Third overall pick in the 2012 NHL Entry draft, Alex Galchenyuk burst onto the scene this year with 10 goals, including the playoffs. Let's look at how he scored in 2013.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Let's break down the phenomenal rookie season Galchenyuk showed us:

Goals by situation
Goals Goals on zone plays Goals off the rush Goals on individual efforts
10 6 4 3
Goals by shot type
Wrist Slap Snap One-timer Tip Backhand
6 0 2 0 1 1

Alex Galchenyuk has that ridiculous release that only Max Pacioretty can claim to have on the Habs until now. He has the kind of shot that hints to high levels of future goal scoring. His goals seem to come three ways, either a blistering quick release, stickhandling into traffic, or battling in front of the net.

His splits by situation are almost identical to David Desharnais this year, although Desharnais had one more goal by individual effort. That said, Desharnais faded heavily through the season, scoring just three times in his final thirty-one games, whereas Galchenyuk only got better, scoring seven goals in his final seventeen games.

The striking thing to me about Galchenyuk is that, while he makes skilled plays that almost no one else can make constantly, but he also drives the net like you would never expect a player with his style of play to do. He's not Brendan Gallagher in that he's not totally insane, but the 18/19 year old season for Galchenyuk was one where he showed that he has no fear of the dirty areas of the ice.

It's really tough to reign it in when it comes to talking about Galchenyuk's talent, because he's so good that you feel like you're stuck in a constant state of hyperbole. It's going to be extremely interesting tracking this young man's entire career, as the sky truly is the limit.