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Game Thread - Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks

Can the Blackhawks avoid losing their lead entirely?


Earlier today the talk was about how little Patrick Kane has contributed in the playoffs. Between him and Jonathan Toews, the Blackhawks have just 3 goals, or less than half of the production of Bryan Bickell.

Adding to the frustration though, is that neither player has actually been playing poorly. Toews is third on the team in shots in the playoffs, while Kane is second. The two of them have 95 shots so far, which normally would be good for about 12 goals, but here we stand.

You have to think that this trend can't last, but the playoffs are built on small samples, and this season could end in just 3 games for the Hawks.

The Kings on the other hand, oh wait, who cares? Fuck the Kings. Go Hawks.