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The Montreal Canadiens select Jacob de la Rose

With the 34th overall pick of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, the Montreal Canadiens have selected Jacob De La Rose.

Bruce Bennett

Trevor Timmins and Marc Bergevin have used the Montreal Canadiens' 34th overall pick to select Jacob de la Rose.

De la Rose is a Swedish forward who played for Leksand this season, and he was actually ranked higher than McCarron in most draft rankings.

Here's what Corey Pronman had to say about him:

De la Rose had a quality season as an amateur in the SEL-2, especially considering he received little opportunity on the power play. He is an all-around type of forward who can make plays in both ends, and play any of the three forward positions if asked. His best skill is his skating, which one NHL scout described as very good, while another called him an explosive skater. He is a strong, hard-working forward, pressuring defenders well with his speed and physical play. He lays crushing hits on occasion, while showing determination in his own end through his backchecking and shot blocking. He kills penalties effectively, making good reads. However, scouts are divided on de la Rose's offensive upside. Some believe that he has good enough puck skill and vision to score, but one head scout I talked to said he projects as a third line forward. I lean toward the former, although enough sources have concerns with his offensive projection that it becomes an issue of note.

As usual we'll have more information for you shortly, but here are his career stats: