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Game Thread - Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

After a ridiculous multiple day break, hockey is back as the conference finals begin.


Marian Hossa and the Chicago Blackhawks were taken to the very edge by the Detroit Red Wings, needing overtime in Game 7 to advance to the conference finals. However they're on a three game winning streak after dropping three in a row.

Anze Kopitar and the Los Angeles Kings also needed Game 7 to eliminate their opponents, the San Jose Sharks. The difference in that series was that the home team won every game. That same trend would see the Hawks win this series, so the Kings will need to step up on the road if they want to repeat as champions.

Los Angeles was the strongest possession team in the league by a wide margin in the regular season, but believe it or not they're the worst possession team left in the playoffs. This could be due to playing two extremely strong teams in St. Louis and San Jose, but it's still an underwhelming performance from such a strong team.

Chicago on the other hand, is the strongest possession team remaining in the playoffs. It's going to be an interesting series.