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Game Thread - San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings

And here it is for all the marbles.

Ezra Shaw

This is it guys, things are finally on the line. No, I'm not talking about a team being eliminated, I'm talking about EOTP's special second round powers.

After the Habs were eliminated, I invited all 8 remaining teams' writers to write about why Habs fans should join their bandwagon. 4 took me up on it, ironically 1 from each series. Both Eastern teams that asked for our support (or in Boston's case, reminded us why we hate them) have advanced. Can the Sharks keep the streak going?

They're in tough against a great team in the Kings, a team that's 6-0 at home this postseason and the defending cup champions. Antti Niemi will have to be brilliant, Joe Thornton will have to not choke, Logan Couture will have to be Logan Couture.