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Game Thread - San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings

The Sharks face elimination tonight after a dominant performance by the Kings in Game 5.

Harry How

On the verge of elimination, San Jose Sharks captain Joe Thornton believes he knows the secret to beating Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick. He told the San Jose Mercury Times:

"When you get within 10 feet of him, you've got to find the opening, find the hole," Thornton said. "You hope to use his aggressiveness against him, use the back door."

So, the same way to expose every modern goaltender. Easy.

Hopefully the Sharks can do it though, as they're the team I'm rooting for to take home the cup this year. They'll need to get more than zero pucks past Quick to do it, and they should probably try to keep Slava Voynov from shooting. The underrated young Russian defenseman is picking them apart.