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Game Thread - Ottawa Senators vs Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins will look to finish off the Sens tonight at home at the CONSOL Energy Center.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Tonight at 7:30 the Pittsburgh Penguins will begin the 5th and final game of their second round victory over the Ottawa Senators.

We talked to Daniel Alfredsson about the game tonight:

EOTP: "Hey Alfie, can the Sens win this game?"

Alfie: "Probably not"

EOTP: "Do you think the Sens will get this far in the playoffs next year?"

Alfie: "Probably not"

EOTP: "Do you think you guys deserved to even get this far?"

Alfie: "Probably not"

EOTP: "Do you think you're going to retire this offseason?"

Alfie: "Probably not"

EOTP: "Oh really? I'm surprised! Do you think you'll want to continue playing for the Senators?"

Alfie: "Probably not"

EOTP: "Oh, the old trade to a cup contender, eh? Do you think many teams will be interested?"

Alfie: "Probably not"

He sounds a bit depressed.