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Dalton Thrower suspended for the remainder of the Memorial Cup

In a continuation of his season from hell, Thrower once again gets himself on the wrong side of the CHL.

Jamie Sabau

Habs fans were pretty excited when Trevor Timmins drafted the hulking offensive dynamo from the Saskatoon Blades. Thrower was hailed as the toughest pound for pound player in the CHL, and had an excellent shot to boot, but his post draft season hasn't gone well.

Dalton Thrower has not had a good season. Today's announcement that he'll be suspended for the rest of the Memorial Cup tournament after this hit on Portland Winterhawks forward Taylor Leier:

The suspension is Thrower's second of the year, and adds to a season ravaged by injury and inconsistency. Putting up just half of last year's offensive production and one third of the goals, this has been a season from hell for Dalton Thrower.

It's one thing to not improve much the year after you're drafted, but Thrower has barely been better than his 16 year old season. To make matters worse, he's an older prospect, 19 since December 20th of last year.

In all likelihood we'll see a bounce back year from Thrower, but unlike Nathan Beaulieu who was brought up to the AHL a year early because he was turning 20 this year, Thrower will most certainly be staying in junior hockey. He's just not ready yet.