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Game Thread - Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators

Game two of the Penguin's 4 game sweep begins tonight at 7:30pm.

"Hey Sid, the Sens think they're actually good!"
"Hey Sid, the Sens think they're actually good!"
Justin K. Aller

SB Nation is still having trouble, but we've got the game thread for you here all the same as the Penguins prepare to win their second straight over the Senators en route to a 4 game sweep.

In Game 1, the Senators had no answer for Evgeni Malkin, so hopefully they'll overcompensate and cover him so Sidney Crosby tears them apart tonight.

With Marc-Andre Fleury on the bench and Tomas Vokoun in goal, the Penguins look like a well oiled machine. And hey, Craig Anderson is playing more like Craig Anderson.