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Game Thread - Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins

The Toronto Maple Leafs have shocked everyone, forcing a Game 7 in Boston tonight.

This picture is the actual greatest
This picture is the actual greatest

Ordinarily we'd add in the Game 7 between the Capitals and Rangers as well, and you're free to comment about that game here if you'd like, but let's be honest, we'll be watching the Maple Leafs and Bruins game.

The Leafs have shocked us all, including their own fanbase. Even the most delusional of Leafs fans likely didn't believe they had a chance to beat Boston, although Nazem Kadri has been proven right when so many called him foolish. He said this was a winnable series, and it is.

Anything can happen in a Game 7, especially if James Reimer continues to play like he is. Too bad Nonis failed to acquire Kiprusoff... said no one.

The Bruins are on their heals, all the pressure is on them. They're likely the best team left in the Eastern Conference, I think they're superior to Pittsburgh, but Toronto has given them everything they can handle.

Can the Leafs play spoiler one more time? I sure hope so.

That Phil Kessel guy is pretty good, eh?