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Montreal Canadiens Play of the Year

We took your nominations from EOTP, Twitter, and Facebook, now it's time for you to vote.

Claus Andersen

For your consideration: Play #1

The clutch goal. This isn't the greatest play in the world, this one is about context. In a game the Canadiens blew two one goal leads in early, Pittsburgh brought the score up to 4-2 with three straight tallies. After Brian Gionta got the game to within one, Canadiens MVP P.K. Subban tied the game with a fraction of a second left on the scoreboard.

For your consideration: Play #2

The dirty dangle. Alex Galchenyuk shows his ridiculous hands in a flash of what's to come for the 19 year old forward, roofing it from basically the goal line and making Fleury look silly.

For your consideration: Play #3

The perfect shot. Subban takes a pass from Galchenyuk and puts a blistering shot perfectly off the inside of the crossbar. Rask had a sub-zero chance of saving it. If he'd tried, it may have blasted a hole in him.

For your consideration: Play #4

The unlikely power move. Who on earth expected Josh Gorges to score a goal like this? A power move through the middle and a filthy backhand? Gorges?

For your consideration: Play #5

The statement save. At this point in the year, the Canadiens were on fragile footing. Blown out more oft than not and losing 5 of their last 6 games, a brutal giveaway by Subban gave Blake Wheeler a clear breakaway. Shaky in several of his last few starts, Carey Price made the save that may have righted the ship.

For your consideration: Play #6

The future. Gally to Gally for the very first time, as Galchenyuk sets up Brendan Gallagher's first NHL goal. This is something Habs fans can look forward to seeing for a long, long time.

So which has your vote?