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Canadiens vs Jets Top Six Minutes - Crew Neck Era? Edition

Your quick recap of tonight's game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Winnipeg Jets, where the Habs won 4-1

  • That's right, EOTPers, I am temporarily back to remind you I'm still alive. And also because Andrew was at the game tonight. He's proven that he's way better than I am at these, but you're stuck with me tonight, so apologies in advance.
  • Also sorry about the groan-worthy title. It's the only way I can describe a Plekanec-less existence.
  • Also sorry about the tardiness. I had to put up the video of Evander Kane ripping off Emelin's helmet and throwing it at him.
  • Let's talk about this. Andrew texts it should be a suspension. My argument is I don't know what the hell should be a suspension anymore.
  • So how about that Lars Eller kid, eh? He was just amazing.
  • As was Michael Ryder.
  • Here's a Ryder tweet from my Dallas friend, Jason: "I just can't watch box scores anymore. Michael Ryder makes me want to cry on a nightly basis. Unrelated: Fuck you Erik Cole."
  • P.K. Subban won't win the Norris because someone who doesn't deserve it will get more votes. For the record: P.K. Subban deserves it.
  • Sometimes he's so good that even I can't believe it.
  • Here's a P.K. tweet from my buddy WinterLions: "Tonight's PK Subban hat trick: broke a stick, a scoreboard, and an opponent's back."
  • The Jets flattened Peter Budaj so many times this game, he's officially become part of the Bell Centre ice. At least he's nicer to look at than that Best Buy ad.
  • Seriously, am I forgetting the rules or is that just okay now?
  • Budaj has apparently won six straight games.
  • By the way, Bruins fans were as smugnoxious as you would have expected about Jaromir Jagr.
  • The Canadiens are still undefeated against the Southeast division. Here's what pisses me off about the Southeast division: either the Maple Leafs or the Senators are going to end up in sixth place. That really grinds the gears or chaps the ass or whatevers the whatever.
  • Blake Wheeler? Asshole.
  • Bryan Little? Asshole.
  • Excellent game. On to the four-pointer on Saturday.
  • Your EOTP Three Stars Of the Night, as chosen by you, the commenters, or me, depending on whether I really liked something better than y'all did:
    1. Penis Joke
    2. Penis Joke
    3. Penis Joke