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What should we make Pension Plan Puppets write about?

Being the good guys that they are, PPP managers Julien Julian and Jason opened themselves for some major, heart crushing comeuppance for the sake of charity.

Claus Andersen

Last night at approximately 2am Eastern Standard Time (so maybe technically this morning), Julian of Pension Plan Puppets, also known as PPP, also known as @mlse on twitter, also known as jerkface, informed me that the Eyes on the Prize war chest had grown enough to pay for one article to be written about the topic of our choice.

We now face a choice, my friends. A most important choice.

We must decide how to inflict the maximum amount of pain with just one opportunity. In a show of trust to the community, I'm going to open this up to a poll. Many topics of articles were suggested, and I will leave the poll up until Thursday morning, when the focus will shift to the Senators.

So Canadiens fans, what do you want Maple Leafs writers to write about?

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