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What was the game of the year? What about play of the year?

Alright EOTP, we need your help. Get your nominations ready.

Did Subban make the play of the year?
Did Subban make the play of the year?
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

We need your help, dear readers.

Unlike last season, there are a ton of games that could qualify as the best of the year. There was the come back against the Bruins, two blowouts against the Maple Leafs, clinching the playoffs against the Sabres, shutting out the Rangers twice?

Which one was your favourite and why? Once we narrow it down to a top two, we'll hold a vote.

Then comes the even tougher question:

What was the play of the year? Was it P.K. Subban's spectacular sliding block? One of Alex Galchenyuk's highlight reel goals? A Carey Price save? What about Brendan Gallagher battling several players along the boards, only to come out with the puck and score?

Nominate your favourite plays and games, as many as you want, let's talk about how awesome this season was.