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Habs to open on home ice (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the evening.

Marianne Helm

I can't really think of an intro today, so I'll just leave you with my favourite CBC Habs montage. The song in the video, "5 Chords" by Montreal's "The Dears", speaks of home, so I thought it was apropos given that the Habs clinched home ice for the first round last night. Enjoy the video and the links!

Habs News and Analysis
  • It seems as if Michel Therrien was tight-lipped at practice today as I can't find any roster news of note. With regards to seeding, if the Habs win tomorrow in Toronto and Boston manages two points or less over their next two games (at Washington on Saturday and home against Ottawa on Sunday) Montreal will move into second place in the East. If any other situation occurs, the Canadiens will remain fourth in the conference.
  • Everybody loves Gallagher today! CBC Sports' Tim Wharnsby has a brief profile of Gallagher's season. He notes that the twenty year-old is tied for the lead with Jonathan Huberdeau in rookie goal scoring at 14 and that he's holding up well physically in spite of playing 79 pro games in 2012-2013.
  • Dave Stubbs has a more personal piece on the rookie. Gallagher talks about signing cellphones and foreheads as well as his favourite moment of the season: the 6-5 win in Boston when he scored the shootout game winner.
General News and Analysis
Archive Material and EOTP News
  • The season ending podcast is coming down the pipe. Stay tuned for hilarious banter, interesting conversation, and insightful analysis from the fine editors on the site. Here's the last podcast with a Leafs blogger from Pension Plan Puppets guesting.