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EOTP Takes Over Sportsnet Magazine, World (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the afternoon.

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Bruce Bennett

Much like Beatlemania in the 1960s, fans and journalists alike have fallen in love with Chris Boyle's Fenwick graphic. Not only has the intuitive post broken EOTP page view records, cracking the site's top 10 three weeks in a row, but it has spurred comments and responses from fans around the league. The post has even cracked the pages of Sportsnet Magazine! Congratulations go out to Chris for his hard work both on the graphic and other projects on the site. With contributions like his, EOTP is one step closer to world domination. And let me tell you dear reader, a world ruled by EOTP would be glorious. P.K. Subban character assassinations would be eradicated and the victims of Randy Cunneyworth would be memorialized for all to reflect upon. Do not fear this transition: embrace it, foster it, love it! As the Prophet Ribinsoin foretold:

With Jack Todd articles, understanding is impossible, but not with EOTP: for with EOTP all things are possible.

Maurice 10:17

Alright, so maybe I've been playing too much Bioshock Infinite recently. I think I'll leave you with these fine links before my rambling becomes more incoherent than the game's final chapter!

Habs News and Analysis

  • Apart from the eight-player recall that took place last night, there's not much roster news to report. Travis Moen will be scratched in favour of Colby Armstrong and Carey Price will start in New Jersey. Game time is 7:00 ET at Newark's Prudential Center. In case you missed the recent roster activity, Nathan Beaulieu (left-handed D), Greg Pateryn (right-handed D), Jarred Tinordi (left-handed D), Michael Bournival (C/LW), Louis Leblanc (C/RW), Petteri Nokelainen (C), Robert Mayer (G), and Dustin Tokarski (G) will form Montreal's playoff reserve squad and join the team on April 28th.
  • Here's a preview of tonight's game from Jeff Bartl of the Associated Press. Bartl notes that the Habs have been bleeding goals against early in games falling "behind by at least two goals in the first period in each of their last four defeats."
  • Christopher Boucher notes that both David Desharnais and Tomas Plekanec have seen their risk/reward ratings - a ratio of successful to unsuccessful plays (dekes, dump-outs, passes, etc.) made by a player in all situations - drop significantly over the last ten games. He chalks the drop up to defensive zone performance, where both players have seen double-digit percentage drops in their puck-possession "removal" success rates. Other stats of interest include Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk improving their overall ratings through the last ten games.

Know Your Enemy: New Jersey Devils Edition

General NHL News and Analysis

EOTP News and Archive Material

  • We have a lot of good stuff planned for the upcoming playoff run. Fancy stat scouting reports, MSM-style breakdowns, and our classic Game Threads, Previews, Top Six Minutes, and Warmup features will all be posted throughout the Habs' run. We really want to make the playoffs special for you guys. Be sure to stick around, okay!