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NHL Trade Deadline - Jaromir Jagr a Bruin (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the afternoon.

Robert Laberge

Editorial note: This links post has been temporarily hijacked to say that Jaromir Jagr is officially a Boston Bruin. The return in the trade for Dallas is a conditional second round pick that can become a 1st rounder if the Bruins go deep into the playoffs, Lane McDermid (a useless face puncher), and Cody Payne, who finished 8th on his OHL team in scoring this season, so he's not exactly an elite prospect. Think of a very poor version of Brady Vail.

Unfortunately this means that we have to hate Jagr now. But let's be honest here, he's made that pretty easy. Two straight summers Jagr has used the Canadiens as leverage while professing his desire to play here with his best buddy Tomas Plekanec in order to get a better contract in Philadelphia and Dallas. Now he joins the worst possible team, a team the Canadiens are likely to have to go through in the playoffs. Jagr is a jackass. -Andrew

How lucky have the Habs gotten with rookie Brendan Gallagher? The 147th overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft is obliterating expectations, excelling in a top six role as a first year pro. He leads the team in EV points per 60, is second in EV shots per 60, and according to Christopher Boucher "has produced more [individual] scoring-chances per-minute played than any other Montreal player." Boucher also ranks the Edmonton native fourth on the team by individual scoring-chance ratio. Max Pacioretty undoubtedly helps Gallagher's stat line, but the kid has been amazing and deserves recognition. Look for Andrew's considerably more thorough half-season review of Gallagher in the coming days.
In summary, Gallagher's awesome, the Habs are awesome, and the EOTP community is awesome. Seriously folks, we've broken web traffic records because of your loyalty and contributions to the site! Although the links are not as great as you guys, they're pretty dang good too. I hope you enjoy.

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