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Ryan White suspended for 5 games

According to Bob McKenzie of TSN, White will be gone for the next 5 games.


There it is folks, Ryan White gets 5 games for the following hit on Kent Huskins:

It's impossible to argue that what White did isn't suspension worthy, but once again I find that the NHL's disciplinary committee only applies to certain players.

White is a 4th liner, the team's current 13th forward. He plays on the edge, and the hit came on the eve of the playoffs. These factors are far bigger than the actual hit when it comes to the weight of the suspension.

Far worse hits have gone without even a phone call from the league this year, including the Flyers' own Luke Schenn boarding Brendan Gallagher from behind and concussing him earlier in the year.

The loss of Ryan White for 5 games isn't crippling to the organization or the player, but I can't help but having a feeling of disappointment over the way the NHL handles these issues.

The head was the principle point of contact, but White didn't charge, he didn't jump, and it doesn't look like he targeted the head with intent. I'm not saying White isn't that kind of player, he can be, he's made dumb decisions before, but this looks much more like a missed check than a purposeful headshot. Hilariously, Shanahan even notes that the problem was that White's angle on the hit was off. Guess that's a 5 game suspension for a first time offender.

If this was the standard that the league held it to, I would have zero problem with it, but it's not. This is the standard that Ryan Whites are held too.

Is Ryan White done as a Hab?

Brendan Shanahan's explanation:

Press Release:

NEW YORK -- Montreal Canadiens forward Ryan White has been suspended for five games, without pay, for an illegal check to the head of Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kent Huskins during NHL Game No. 626 in Montreal on Monday, April 15, the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety announced today.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based on his average annual salary, White will forfeit $18,581.10. The money goes to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.

The incident occurred at 6:11 of the first period. White was assessed a match penalty for illegal check to the head.