Old Canadiens cards available in the PPP trivia contest

Hi all,

Over at PPP, we're running a fundraiser to try to help The Active Stick and Sarah Connors in their charitable efforts. For $5 ($2.50 donation to each of them), people will take part in a 2-week trivia challenge. Everyone gets to choose a prize from the list, but the winners get to choose first.

In the prize pile are a bunch of old Canadiens. This is who they are:




OK - the last four aren't Habs, but you get the idea...

Full listing will be at PPP as soon as it posts and the original contest is here. There is a very nice '72-73 Laperriere that is en route to me and I haven't scanned yet. We can also do requests, though it all depends what resides in my various shoeboxes.

This is more of a fun lot than a "get me rich" lot, but the Cournoyer and Lafleur are both worth more than your original donation, as is the Howe and some of the others over on the site. Please come have a look and help out.

it'll be fun. :)



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