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Positions open at Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize has tripled in size in comparison to last year, and the work involved has become even more demanding. To meet this need, we're looking for new contributors.

Come join and be part of the family.
Come join and be part of the family.
Grant Halverson

Eyes on the Prize is once again expanding. If you have a passion for the Montreal Canadiens, and are a proficient writer, we may have need of your services.

We currently have 4 positions open with varying degrees of responsibilities. These positons are on a volunteer basis. Here they are:


We are looking for a person who can write breaking news stories for EOTP. This position requires you to be dialed in to twitter on a daily basis, and you must have the ability to write quickly and accurately while including as many details as possible.

EDIT: For breaking news, bilingual candidates are preferable.


We are looking for a person to write daily links posts, which is a fairly simple job but takes time. Links posts should be ready to by noon every week day. SB Nation has a program that you can install in your toolbar that allows you to save links as you browse and read hockey stories, and assemble them into a post with single clicks. Very little writing is involved. If you read a lot of different stories this could be something you enjoy.


On game days we always do game previews. This position requires less responsibility than the previous two positions, but more hockey acumen. If you're familiar with statistics, keep an ear to the ground on teams other than the Canadiens, and are a proficient writer, this could be an opportunity for you.


This position requires the least responsibility as contributions will be at your leisure instead of on deadlines, but since the departure of a couple former contributors, we feel that EOTP is missing out on a lot of Habs history, which is an important part of being a Habs fan. This position though, requires the most careful writing and research. This is an important position that we take very seriously. If you would like an example of what we're looking for, look at what history writers are doing at our sister sites for Boston and Toronto.


If you're interested in these positions, please email me at with the position you're interested in as the subject heading.