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Canadiens at Hurricanes - Top Six Minutes - Price de Nice

Carey Price returned to the form we're used to seeing from him, and Brandon Prust had the best game of his career.

  • Remember those people who were questioning whether Carey Price is good. Nyahhhh shaddup.
  • There were a few people last game asking when's the last time Carey Price stole a game. His 42 saves tonight say hi.
  • Brandon Prust had the game of his life. Superb offensively, but nearly just as good defensively.
  • Josh Gorges also scored the goal of his life off of a beautiful Prust feed.
  • Lars Eller had 3 points too, and was on the ice for every single Habs goal.
  • Speaking of Eller, he has 14 points on the year, 1 fewer than David Desharnais in spite of playing tougher minutes with lesser lights, and much less PP time. And people think this guy can't be a top 6 forward?
  • Andrei Markov and P.K. Subban played over 27 minutes, Alexei Emelin and Gorges played just under 22.
  • This means Francis Bouillon didn't get much ice, which may have been mostly due to Yannick Weber getting hurt in the second. Weber wasn't as bad as the comments section thinks, it was his first game in 6 weeks, remember.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes have presided over the two worst dates for hits since the season started for EOTP. I guess we don't care about them?
  • Let's start caring because they have a coach who's a former Hab and some really annoying players like...
  • Jordan Staal. His habit of grabbing a guy's head from behind and wrenching on their neck in scrums really pisses me off. It's the kind of play that deserves a two hander to the ankles. No, I'm not advocating that, but in the heat of the moment...
  • The Habs really didn't deserve this one. The second period was extremely ugly.
  • Luckily the Canes started an AHL goalie and Price was stellar, so it's a win!

EOTP Three Stars:

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  2. Jason_M on Gorges scoring a beauty backhand: 1106581_medium
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