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Bad Night for Boston (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the afternoon.

Jared Wickerham

Last night was pretty crazy, eh? Not only did the Habs steal a game from Boston on the road, but Calgary reneged on a Bruins-Flames Jarome Iginla trade, opting to send the winger to Pittsburgh instead. Boston blew a two-goal lead, lost first place in the division, and lost their consolation prize all in a matter of hours! I know schadenfreude is a poor quality, but I can't help but smile at this level of Bruins-related misfortune. Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped. Here are some links to keep the good times rolling:

Habs News and Analysis

  • With no game until Saturday and a day off today, there's extremely little roster news (or Habs news, for that matter) to report. We can send our congratulations to P.K. Subban and Brendan Gallagher, though, both of whom scored their 10th goals of the season last night. The Habs now have five players - Ryder, Gionta, Subban, Gallagher, and Plekanec - with double digit goal totals on the season. Gallagher and Plekanec lead the team with 9 and 8 EV goals respectively.
  • Here's a recap of last night's action from CBS Sports. Tuukka Rask called the loss "heartbreaking" while Peter Budaj and Brendan Gallagher describe the game as a "character" win.

General News and Analysis

Archive Material and EOTP News